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Heritage mills restored

Can Morey windmills

Flying into Palma airport from the land side gives great views of the landscape of the flat plain of Sant Jordi, dotted with hundreds of windmills. At one time a wetland area, the mills were constructed to drain the water and irrigate the now converted and rich agricultural land to grow many crops and graze cattle and sheep.

As newer and more efficient ways to drain the land were developed the old mills powered by the wind fell into disrepair. Recognising that these lovely old buildings are part of Mallorca's rich agricultural heritage the authorities set about providing funds to restore them.

Two such mills restored back to working order are now open to the public where information plaques tell the story of their history and use over the years. As it's the 21st century, there are QR codes which you can point your smart phone at to get the griff straight from the information super highway!

The mills, built in the 1920's and 1940's, are at a working finca, Can Morey, where the water was used to irrigate crops like alfalfa and sweet potatoes and support grazing areas for cattle and oxen. Both the owner and the authorities worked together on the finance and completion of the project and they were chosen to be part of the 'Route of the Mills of the Euro-region.'

This aims to raise awareness and value of the mills of the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euro-region and its surroundings including the territories of Mallorca, Catalonia, Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon.

As I said, there are mills dotted all over the fertile plain of central Mallorca which really enhance the bucolic scenery of the area, particularly at harvest time when the fields are golden with ripe corn and hay. There is actually a bus route which winds its way around the small towns and villages of the area taking in the mills en route. Read about it on this link.

Read about the mills on the plain and how you can 'adopt' one!