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Ice cube challenge

How much will melt?

ice block challenge

Palma's Es Baluard museum is hosting a fun challenge with a serious motive under the hot sun of its enclosed inner patio at the moment. Titled in English, 'the ice cube challenge,' it's a competition between two blocks of ice to see which one melts the slowest!

Let me explain; two giant ice cubes each containing 1000 litres of frozen water and measuring 1 metre by 1 metre by 1 metre are placed in the full glare of the sun in the patio. One of them is encased in a specially insulated box whilst the other is completely unprotected.

The box is isolated from the elements and the laws of physics and is built according to the Passivhaus standard, an architectural technique designed to save masses of energy in houses and other buildings.

Promoted by Poraxa, a polystyrene company, the aim of the challenge is to show the passivhaus standard – which consists of combining the passive architecture of the Mediterranean with high thermal insulation, water-tightness and mechanical ventilation with high efficiency heat recovery to reduce heating and cooling requirements by 75%– is really good.

The fun part of the challenge is that we, the public, can have a bet on how much of the protected ice cube will melt by 3rd September. The winner gets a free trip to San Sebastian and a 2 night stay in the Passivhaus Arima Hotel where you can watch your ice in a giant gin and tonic melt slowly before your very eyes!