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Jet travel takes off

Private planes rocket

jet interior

Holiday favourite for millions of ordinary people every year, Mallorca is also the chosen destination of the rich and famous who inhabit its Five Star Hotels, luxury villas, excellent restaurants, challenging golf courses and fashion beach clubs.

Cash rich and time poor, they're the sort of people who don't want to be queueing for hours at Gatwick; checking in, fighting through the duty free maze, trying to find a seat (do airports even have seats these days?) and enduring the 3 or 4 false alarms to start boarding. No, they want a quick and easy form of travel and don't mind paying for it!

Enter the private jet and its new function as an air taxi. Here in Mallorca private jet arrivals have taken off by 40% in the last three years – and incredible statistic.

This July over 4000 passengers in 1758 private jets landed at Palma Airport – that's an average of over 50 per day and as you'd imagine, weekends were the most popular time with an average of over 100 planes per day!

The airport authorities attribute the rise in private jet use to several reasons; the increase in the luxury offer of the island and the availability of shared air taxis. Every week, jets fly in from Nice, Cannes, Sardinia, London, Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin, and from the Spanish cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga.

In part, the increase has been fuelled by a new type of aircraft known as 'very light jets' which provide a 'low cost' service. More like a luxury car inside, the seat four people and have a limited 3 hour range at a height of 12,000 metres and speed of 700 kph – ideal for a jaunt to Mallorca.

I don't know about you, but if I had the cash, I'd be using an air taxi whenever I could.