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Mallorcan Cheese: Formatges Burguera

Happy Cows

What could be nicer than discovering a tasty, delicious product that is manufactured with due care and respect to both local traditions and the animals which produce the raw materials?

Here in Mallorca we are blessed with so many old local products which are still produced in the old fashioned way with a little help from modern technology – wine, almonds, olive oil, sobrassada, and in this case cheese.

Over in Campos, near the Salinas salt pans, Formatges Burguera (formatges = cheeses) has been in business and family hands for over 70 years producing milk from exceedingly happy cows and for the last 20 years they've also been making cheese.

This area has a great tradition of agriculture and livestock and the Burguera family follow this by producing most of the food for their herd of Fresian cows on their own land. Careful breeding and diet has helped to evolve a superb high quality milk with unbeatable flavour and texture without compromising the heath and well being of the cattle or respect for the environment.

Naturally the milk is constantly being rigorously tested by independent bodies to ensure its safety and quality, but the best bit of the whole process is to hear how the cows are treated. They appear to live in five star accommodation with individual beds to sleep in, automatic cleaning of the installations which ensures clean dry animals, septic tanks for the slurry which is used as natural manure for the fields, and best of all, a giant cow brush to buff up the cows and give them a good old scratch!

The family's philosophy is to produce cheese “in the old artisan style of Mallorca” and they manage this without the use of colourants or preservatives, all packed and distributed by themselves. The different cheeses they produce all mature naturally and have a higher fat to water content than many others and come with herb or rosemary flavourings.

They're stocked in places like El Corte Ingles and Lidl, but can be bought on site at the Burguera dairy farm.

If you're intrigued by story, you can by the cheese online at good old Fet a Soller which specialises in local Mallorcan products.