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Palma taxi tours

Sight seeing in comfort

almudaina palace

If you and your friends or family are visiting Palma for a short period of time – perhaps as a cruise ship passenger or on a day trip from one of the resorts – and want to see as much as possible of the city in a short space of time, then a taxi tour could be just for you.

These tours in air conditioned splendour have been available for a good while now, but the tourist authorities in Palma have just revitalised the idea by updating the publicity and information about the tours to give them a zingier feel more in tune with the urbane, cosmopolitan image that Palma enjoys these days.

Thousands of leaflets have been produced in Catalan and Spanish, and English and German, which can be found in the tourism offices around the city and explain the taxi tour service with all the information needed.

There are three routes which last one, two and three hours, and cost €40, €80, and €120 which can work out to be very economical between four people. All three routes share the same basic 'core' of buildings and monuments around the city and the longer routes take in more far flung places like Bellver Castle and Playa de Palma.Some of the places you'll see are the Lonja, Cathedral, Almudaina Palace, Palau March and Es Baluard, which you would see on the open top bus tour, but one advantage of the taxi tour is that it can access the narrow city streets to see fascinating patios of Palma.

You can see the what's in store and how to reserve a taxi tour using the phone numbers listed by opening this link to a leaflet, though only available in Spanish and Catalan online.

As I said, if you want to see the most of Palma in a short time and can share the cost, this could be just up your street!