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Modern Dance in Palma

Ballet National de Marseille

I've been a big fan of ballet ever since I went to my first performance only a few years ago. I find the skills on display – balance, athleticism, endurance, power, strength, flexibility, and more – just absolutely incredible.

There are so many things to admire about the dancers whether they're wafting about pretending to be a swan, standing in the same pose for ages or expressing angst in situations of extreme crisis, all whilst seeming not breathing!

If you've never seen a live performance, you've got a chance to dive in at the ballet deep end this month in Palma when the Ballet National de Marseille come to town for one night only. They're a company at the very end of the ballet scale, all angst and as far away as you can get from magical fairy tales.

They're performing two works;

Extremalism which (in their words) “explores the way individuals react to today’s crisis. What does a body do in extreme circumstances ? How does it cope in a minimal setting?”


Bolero, yes THE Bolero made famous by Torvill and Dean, but not quite so 'floaty,' and with more of a dystopian edge as if Arnold Schoenberg had rearranged it and ideal for the BNM's interpretation focusing on the friction between the body and the music.

Just have a look at the video and you'll get the idea!

Tickets cost from €35 to €50 depending on the seat and can be bought online here, Give it a go if you're around the area, it really is a fantastic experience.