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Zurditta Design

Beautiful gifts and souvenirs

If you're looking for some really nice gifts and mementos of a wonderful holiday in Mallorca, then you'll be hard pressed to find anything as uniquely beautiful as the products of Zurditta Design. Made entirely in Mallorca and inspired by its land and sea scapes, all the products are organic, ecological and sustainable.

Zurditta's driving force is Candela Nieto, a photographer turned designer with a little help from her mother, a graphic design teacher, who produces her beautiful wares in her workshop/home in Sineu.

The seed of her idea came at Christmas in 2014 when she made her own stamps to illustrate the notebooks bought as presents for her parents. Pleased with the results she realised that she could create stamps to use on textiles to create bags big and small, cushions and so on.

Inspired by Mallorca – the blue summer sea and the ochre colours of the fields in autumn, Candela's designs have the same tranquillity and serenity as a gentle sea breeze or the soft rain on a September day. Although she uses the same stamp on a variety of items, each one is given a unique finish with her own brush strokes, which gives her work a great USP.

All the items are made of organic cotton, ecological dyes are used for the designs, recycled paper for the wrapping and the stamps are all handmade. Together with the cheerful designs of local fauna and flora – fish, starfish, octopus, seahorse, shells and coral – her bags really do make an ideal gift or souvenir from Mallorca.

I ran a few photos like the ones above by my wife who says they are superb and already is making a space for the starfish cushion covers! If you like the photos and want to buy anything, then unfortunately (or fortunately) you'll need to be here in Mallorca as Zurditta doesn't yet sell online but through some lovely shops in Sineu, Soller, Sant Elm and Santanyi.

You can find the details of the retailers on Zurditta's website where it looks like plans are afoot to sell online soon. You can also catch Candela selling her wares at various markets, where she also demonstrates how she makes them. Keep an eye out for her at places like the Rata Market and so on.