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Bonfire Night

Guy Fawkes in Magaluf

guy fawkes

Remember, remember, the fifth of November goes the old children's rhyme which heralded a much loved, traditional bonfire celebration all over Britain. In every district kids would spend weeks collecting almost anything that would burn for the big centre piece of the party – the bonfire!

On the night itself, tons of gunpowder and fireworks were ignited, traditional treats like treacle toffee and parkin were eaten and everybody had a great time.

If you're not British you may not know that this typically English 'fiesta' has dark and gruesome origins. In 1605 Roman Catholics in England were persecuted by the Protestant authorities because of their religion. A group of Catholic conspirators planned to blow up the houses of Parliament and the king with it using tons of gunpowder in its cellar when James I visited on 5th November.

The plot was discovered, the conspirators captured or killed, tortured, put on trial and sentenced to death by the grisly method of being hanged, drawn and quartered. The most famous of the them was Guy Fawkes whose effigy is burned on the bonfires and who gave his name to Guy Fawkes Night.

You may think that this is an unusual celebration to have here in Spain but apart from the Spanish loving a good old fiesta, the country has other links with the plot. Guy Fawkes himself, though English, had fought for the Spanish against the Dutch protestants and the Spanish authorities were secretly supporting English catholics in their struggle.

Ok, history lesson over, Bonfire night in Magaluf – organised by the International Community of Calvia – takes place this Saturday, 3rd November. Held in the car park of the old "Aqualand Magaluf" opposite Western Water Park Magaluf, by roundabout 8, it has all the traditional features of Bonfire Night.

From 18 to 23 you can enjoy the bonfire, food and drink (please let there be treacle toffee but mind your fillings,) a big stage with entertainment, kiddies' attractions, a firework display and because we're in Mallorca, a correfoc – dancing demons belching fire, smoke and sparks!

It's absolutely free to attend so - Remember, remember, the third of November!