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Human Castles in Palma

Castellers de Mallorca

One of Mallorca's strangest activities is on show for all to see on Saturday, 27th October, when the members of the Castellers de Mallorca put on a display of human castle building in Palma. It's the 20th annual event and takes place as usual in the Plaza de Cort town hall square in the city centre.

If you've never seen it before it is a strange and fascinating sight where dozens of uniformed people gather together to create a castle-like construction comprised of muscle, bone and flesh.

Just like castles and cathedrals of old, the foundations and lower levels are the srongest, most solid parts of the construction with the majority of the castellers squeezed together for strength.

As the castle rises, its components get smaller and smaller until its turrets are the smallest members of the troupe; young kids who seem to have no fear of heights and perfect balance!

The entertainment starts at 17:00 when there's a street parade of the three troupes taking part - Castellers de Mallorca, Castellers de Berga (Barcelona) and Al·lots de Llevant (Manacor) – from the Plaza España to the Plaza de Cort where the castle building starts at 18:00.

It should last a couple of hours and will be wrapped up with a session from Pachamama Percussió and a big parade down to the Parque del Mar for a slap up meal!