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A night at the opera

Viva L'Opera

I thought long and hard about today's article in view of the terrible events over the last couple of days. It doesn't seem appropriate to be writing about eating, drinking, going to fiestas, and having fun when so many people have been affected by the tragic loss of life in the horrendous floods in the east of Mallorca caused by what people are already calling ' the thousand year storm.'

So it's with much sadness, and respect and sympathy for everyone affected – friends and families of the deceased and those still missing, people whose homes have been ruined, and the hundreds of members of the emergency services and volunteers who are helping in the dreadful tasks over in the east that I write this.

As part of the MusicaMallorca festival this Saturday, 13th October, there's a wonderful concert of opera music – a kind of greatest hits if you like – called Viva L'Opera taking place in Palma Auditorium. It's a gala performance with singers from all over the world;

Theresa Dax: soprano .

Salina Alexandrova: mezzosoprano .

José Manuel Sánchez: tenor

Tohru Iguchi: barítone

backed by Stephan Matthias Lademann: piano, the massed choir of the Capella Mallorquina and the Orquesta Sinfónica del Festival MúsicaMallorca composed of musicians from some of Europe's top Orchestras!

Together they'll be performing some of the best arias, duets, quartets, overtures and choral pieces from some of the most well known operas ever. You can tap your feet and hum along to Mozart, Rossini, Bellini, Verdi and many more during the evening. Tickets cost €38 and €48 and can be bought online – click the link.