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Beautiful Andratx Calendar

By and for the people

One of the charming traditions in the resort and town of Andratx is the annual calendar photograph 'competition.' It's when the people of Andratx and its visitors can participate in the truly democratic process of producing the town's annual free calendar.

The town council has asked all and sundry to submit their photos of the area along the lines of - Bucolic sunsets, worthy of a tourist postcard. Unpublished landscapes. Coquettish corners. Some fishermen fishing on the coast. Bathers enjoying a refreshing dip in turquoise waters – though anything (well almost) goes.

Once received, the council sticks them up on Facebook and we all get to hit the 'Like' button and the 12 most popular photos are made into a calendar.

I've selected a few photos at random – which is your favourite of the bunch?