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The Mallorca Files

The Night Manager effect?

A couple of years ago when the BBC filmed much of its acclaimed drama series The Night Manager in some beautiful and sophisticated locations in Mallorca it encouraged a new interest in the island and its tourism.

Well the BBC are back, as filming has just started on a new ten part detective series called The Mallorca Files. It's all going to be filmed here on the island as it features two detectives working for the local cops against a background of the expat community.

Now, like all good detective programmes, this pair are completely different; one is female, British, introverted and serious; the other is male, German, extrovert and unconventional! And guess what? They work together seamlessly and solve a new crime every episode.

The ten shows will be shown daily on BBC1 daytime telly so you'll have to record it if you have to go out to work while the daytime demographic are lounging on the settee or catch up on iplayer.

Anyway, the first location hoping to benefit from the 'M Files effect' is the Virrey Prime Boutique Hotel which is located just outside Inca on the road to Sencelles. It's a classic 17th century manor house updated for the modern world but retaining all its splendid charm and features.

Modern spacious rooms, great views, acres of gardens, a refreshing pool, a bar, great restaurant and if you fancy a boogie, a disco function room for weddings and the like. Being fairly central practically everywhere on Mallorca is more or less equidistant whether you want to make cultural/historical/shopping/outdoor activity trips or just want to lounge on a beach.

Closed for winter at the moment, a spring trip is very economically priced – I found 3 nights in mid April (a lovely time of the year) for €340 including breakfast. If the photos above or maybe the BBC programme inspires you, take a look at our hotel page for more details.