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TaPalma 2018

Bars, restaurants, tapas, cocktails

Starting next week with a big competition in Palma's congress palace is one of Mallorca's biggest tapas fests, TaPalma.

The annual bite size food shindig has been a staple on the Palma gastro scene for many years now and has successfully achieved its objectives of filling the streets and bars in the off season and promoting the fine cuisine on offer.

It's a win win scenario for everybody involved as the bars get to show off their best creations, the public get to sample them at really economic prices, and everybody has a great time.

This year everything kicks off with a competition on Monday 26th November to find the finest tapas and cocktails from many of the bars on the tapas route, judged by a panel of experts.

From Wednesday 28th November to Sunday 2nd December the main tapas fest takes place in over 40 bars and restaurants in various areas of the city. You'll be able to sample the majestic morsels of gastronomic joy in the afternoon or evening and each tiny plate will only set you back €2.50 and a glass of wine, beer or the other stuff will only be €1.50!

I've said it before, and it still holds true, that a tapas route is just the perfect way of eating and socialising, grazing the night away with friends old and new, whilst incurring little collateral damage on your wallet.

Give it a whirl if you're in town or nearby, there's a great list of all the bars, photos of their tapas, times and maps on the online magazine of Tapalma. As it's on for five nights my advice, if you have time, is pace yourselves and stick to one area per night!