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Wagon Cookin'

Electro-sonic delicatessen

You'd think that living in Ibiza I'd be fed up to my back teeth of electronic dance music and DJs and you'd be absolutely right! However I have to tell you about an electronic music duo who will be appearing in Palma soon whose music I didn't turn off after 8 seconds.

It's Wagon Cookin' which is comprised of the two Garayalde brothers from Pamplona, classically trained musicians who swapped their man powered instruments for synthesisers some years ago and whom we've featured before in their other electro guise of Kyodai.

Starting off in the 90's as a pure techno outfit, Luis and Javier have slowly assimilated influences from Nu Jazz and Brazil, and in their album 'Eleven' Nu Disco, House, Funk and New Wave.

They're appearing at one of Palma's coolest venues, the Garito Cafe at the Can Barbara 'harbour' on 1st December at midnight and it's free to get in.

If you don't know it, the Garito Cafe has been one of the city's most important and best loved venues for dance music in nearly all its forms for decades since the 1970's and morphs fluidly through the evening from cafe with fresh, healthy snacks, to cocktail bar to late night club with a cool, relaxed atmosphere.

If you're not an electronic music aficionado, don't be put off by the use of Nu this and Nu that, as their music, in this video at least, wouldn't be out of place in an 80's disco with quite a 'poppy' commercial sound to it.