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Busy year at Palma airport

More flights in summer

palma airport

Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be another busy year at Palma airport. Despite all the doomsaying and bad omens about the holiday industry, all the signs are that more flights than ever will be touching down and taking off in Palma.

When the travel business is one of the mainstays of your economy, it's not unnatural that Mallorca's newspapers carry lots of articles about a possible downturn caused by the return of cheaper, competing destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, the increase in fuel charges and the gigantic elephant in the room, Brexit! Who knows what's going to happen to Britain and its travel market when the leaders of the country don't appear to have any idea?

Well, in spite of all this, Enaire – the authority which manages all the flights into and out of Spain's airports – have released figures which show the number of 'slot' reservations made by airlines to fly into the country.

Stats for the high season, June, July, and August, show a 4.6% increase in Spain as a whole and 4.2% here in the Balearics. Preparations to handle the increased logistics are already underway as 7 new air traffic controllers are being drafted in to help. In 2018 the islands handled 323,167 flights, an increase of 3.9% on the previous year, and almost a third of them were domestic flights.

So it looks like the airlines are confident enough to book slots to Mallorca with the intention of filling their planes enough to make a profit. They will be helped this year by savings of €100 million from the 12% reduction of route fees by Enaire which is as good of an incentive as it gets!

With this in mind I'd be booking my flight to Mallorca ASAP and browsing our accommodation section for hotels or villas before everyone else gets here first!