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Carmina Burana Spectacular

Orff to the Auditorium

Come on, let's face it, as soon as you think of a choral work images of a choir on a stage in front of an orchestra pit spring to mind. Forget that, because one of the most spectacular productions of a classical choral work you'll ever see is coming to Palma.

Carl Orff's Carmina Burana – yes, the one in the Old Spice adverts – is being brought to the stage in incredible fashion by the ' La Fura dels Baus' company. Its director Carlus Padrissa has created an intense production, where the spectator is submerged in show through striking imagery, special effects and even spring fragrances.

The company's publicity says “On stage, a huge cylinder covered in tulle, some ten meters in diameter, literally surrounds the orchestra and acts as a cinema screen, while images projected on it illustrate the work from start to finish. A giant moon, waterfalls, a floral ecstasy, real grape-picking, wine, water and fire… Carmina Burana by La Fura dels Baus is music and theatre, a show of senses, vital and energetic that is aimed at a new audience, from music lovers to fans of the performance arts.”

Well, I'm certainly convinced and a quick look at the video was enough to have me looking for tickets. There are 4 performances over the 8th 9th and 10th March 2019 at Palma Auditorium with ticket prices at €45, €49, €59, and €65. Just click the link to buy online.

I'd go based on the video trailer which looks a bit like a club night in Amnesia, Ibiza but with proper music, but if you're still not convinced here's what El Pais says about it;

If there is a grandiose and sensual score, glorious and energetic, erotic and explosive, as full of life and sins as of irony, parody and excess, that is the provoking Carmina Burana, by Carl Orff. Those medieval texts written between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, found in the monastery of Bura Sancti Benedicti (Baviera), where the monks and students laughed at everything and sang to the excessive pleasure, to the orgy and wine, to the revelry Permanent and sex with and without condemnation, have lasted throughout the twentieth century and continue to do so in the XXI, since Orff put music in 1938. Pure gold for a group like La Fura dels Baus.”

Now, where did I leave my aftershave?