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Mallorca Masterchef Winner

Claire Hutchings

Mallorca gained yet more kudos for its wonderful cuisine and gastronomy over the festive period in Britain when BBC2 TV's programme Masterchef the Professionals Rematch featured one of the island's top restaurants in the programme.

The hour long Christmas special brought back 5 top chefs from the programme to compete against each other in a rematch cook off and caught up with their careers since their original appearances on the Masterchef show.

One of the chefs involved was young Claire Hutchings who had originally competed in 2011 and at the tender age of 22 was the youngest ever finalist on the show. Not long after, Michel Roux Jr introduced her to a Spanish chef with a Michelin star, Mallorca's very own (via Madrid) Fernando P. Arellano of Zaranda in the Hotel Castell Son Claret.

To cut a long story short, Claire went to work there, helped the restaurant to its second Michelin star, and now works as a private chef on a 40 metre private yacht based in Mallorca.

As I said, Mallorca's gastroscene benefited greatly from the programme as presenter and chef Monica Galetti visited the island to interview both Claire and Fernando and sample some of the dishes they prepared in Zaranda.

You can see the entire programme on the video I've included with the Mallorca section in the first part of the production. I don't think it will spoil anybody's enjoyment if I let it slip that our Claire triumphs!