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Mallorca's Tenedor Seven

Ca n'Ignasi Restaurant

The Spanish restaurant booking and review site El Tenedor, known as The Fork in the English speaking world and part of the Tripadvisor empire, has just announced the top 100 restaurants in Spain.

Based on the opinions of its members on the gastronomy, décor and service of the restaurants the list is headed by Martín Berasategui's place in the Basque country which certainly sets the tone for the other 99 restaurants.

As you can imagine, the Basques and Catalans lead the way, but here in Mallorca an incredible seven of the top 100 can be found! Not bad for a comparatively small island in the Med is it?

The seven are; Ca n'Ignasi (Inca), Mesón La Rueda (Palma), Adrián Quetglas (Palma), Vandal Palma (Palma), S'Hort (Palma), La Vieja de Jonay Hernández (Palma) and Katagi Blau (Palma).

So without further ado, let's have a look at Ca n'Ignasi in Inca which is first and foremost a gastronomic society which grew and grew into a restaurant open to the public.

Formed by a group of friends at dinner, their idea was to meet regularly to enjoy and promote the fine gastronomic products of Mallorca and research and preserve old recipes. Gradually more and more people came on board, contacts were made with chefs, journalists and other gastro-professionals and premises were acquired.

Now, the old rustic garage they used has become a charming restaurant and classroom, and they serve up set meals which change every few weeks to an adoring public. Their philosophy is to publicise seasonal products and each meal has a different emphasis depending on who has produced it.

The dishes are simple yet tasty, produced in a fairly humble kitchen which helps the Ignasis promote their food and methods – if they can do it in a small, simple kitchen, so can we.

Average price for a three course set menu is around €35 to €40 per person with drinks on top, but with bottles of wine starting at €9 and a beer for €2.50 you're looking at a very reasonably priced meal at excellent value for money.

Fast Facts

Ca n'Ignasi

C/Aigua, 29


Tel. (+34) 665 383 412

Mon – closed

Tue – Fri 19:30 to 22:30

Sat – 12:30 to 15:00, 19:30 to 22:30

Sun – Open by reservation of groups of 8 or more