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Musical Gastro Market

Mercat1930 trending

The trendiest trends in Spain these days, so get in quickly before they become old hat, are gastro market food halls, vermouth, and swing music and dancing. You can sample all three together and at the same time in Palma courtesy of Mercat1930.

I've written about it before but to recap it's Palma's second food hall which along with the Mercado San Juan, is a glorious gastro space where foodies can enjoy a whole variety of food in a very sociable atmosphere.

There's a central space where diners can graze away to their heart's content on food from a range of stall like outlets and bars. Pick and choose from; roast meat, oysters and seafood, Italian specials, burgers, omelettes, sushi, Andalusian specialities, croquettes, Iberian sausages and cheeses, pintxos and tapas, Thai innovative, sweets, and healthy food and drinks.

I don't have the space to list all the mouth-watering details behind this list so just have a quick look at Mercat1930's webpage to get a good idea of the delicious bites available. Put me down for a couple of boards of Thai/French fusion dishes and hold the chopsticks!

Trends two and three come together at the Mercado each month, around the third Sunday – February 24th is the next one – when Vermouth and Swing music combine in an enjoyable early afternoon music, drink and dance session.

Vermouth has experienced a great revival over the last 2 or 3 years with many bars now stocking a whole range of bottles, many with retro designs harking back to the drink's golden age, and even craft vermouth on draft. It's a tipple that was traditionally taken late morning or early afternoon as a prelude to a hearty lunch and had its heyday decades ago.

Similarly, music and dance from the 20's and 30's of the last century has made a comeback and there are numerous swing events in Mallorca where couples Lindy hop and jive to trad jazz music.

Mercat1930's events take place from 12:30 to 14:30 and feature live music from Monkey Doo with dancing on the terrace, though I should add that there's dancing inside if the weather is a tad inclement.

If Swing isn't your cup of tea, then there is also live music and DJs on a Saturday at the Mercat when you can enjoy food and drink in the Tardeo session. Yet another trend, Tardeo (from the word tarde which means afternoon) is popular with older people who prefer to go to bed at night rather than rave Spanish style until dawn.

So, tardeo takes place from 17:00 until 23:00 at Mercat1930, which is just by Tito's disco on Palma's main seafront drag going towards the big cruise ship port.

See you there?