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We Three Kings of Orient are

Guiding star over Palma

The Three Kings from the Orient land in Palma this coming Saturday 5th January to celebrate Epiphany and put on a spectacular show for us all as they parade royally around the streets of the city.

It's a massive tradition all over Spain and once overshadowed the actual Christmas celebrations themselves which were much more of a religious occasion.

Their arrival recreates the end of their long star guided journey to present gifts to the new born baby Jesus and for most kids in Spain was the day the received their Christmas presents.

It's an enormous shindig all over Spain and like here in Palma, features a big cavalcade (cabalgata) around the main streets of the city by their royal highnesses and accompanying servants, pages and the like.

This year's Palma cabalgata is the same theme as last year – a sort of travelling enchanted forest, full of flowers, insects and mythical beasts like the unicorn – which is brought to life by around 500 participants; singing, dancing, playing instruments, and waving.

The kings arrive by sea aboard the Rafael Verdera, a classic sailing Falucho dating back to 1841 and transfer to their royal tractor-pulled carriages to parade through the streets where around 13 floats and 19 musical/dance groups will accompany them.

Best of all, if you have a sweet tooth, 7,350 kilos of sweets and toffees will be thrown to the assembled masses along the way!

Starting with their arrival at 18:00 (just look for the star directly overhead) their route is as follows;

1.Muelle Viejo de Palma.

2. Av. Antonio Maura.

3. Paseo del Borne

4. Plaza del Rey Juan Carlos I

5. Calle de la Unión

6. La Rambla

7. Calle del Bisbe Campins

8. Calle de Rubén Darío

9. Paseo de Mallorca

10. Av. Jaime III

11. Plaza del Rey Juan Carlos I

12. Paseo del Borne, where they disembark and wave to everyone some more at the Casal Solleric!

Do have a look at the video, if only until the section where the bumble bees in a honeycomb play James Brown's I Feel Good. It's all good fun, go if you get the chance.