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Yuccs wool trainers

Designed in Mallorca

A young Mallorcan man, Pablo Más March (29) has produced what he considers to be the most comfortable shoe on the market. Using the brand name Yuccs, Pablo has designed and developed a training shoe which not only looks good, feels good, and by golly it does you good.

What makes the shoe so unusual is that the upper is made of the finest and smoothest merino wool! This use of completely natural material gives the shoe several advantages and plus points over ordinary trainers;

Smooth to the touch – no socks required

Extremely breathable

Ultra light

Super flexible

Warm in winter, cool in summer

Machine washable

Minimises odours

which all sounds good to me as my power walking trainers produce a static electric shock every time I touch the door handle to go out!

Though fairly new on the market, Yuccs are selling well throughout Spain, particularly in the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona where image and style are important. Designed here in Mallorca, the materials are all from Spain and are fabricated in Elche in Alicante.

The trainers come in a range of colours for both men and women and retail via the online shop at €95 which isn't bad at all for such an innovative product.

I'd wear them, would you?