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Big crowds in Valldemossa

5,500 visitors per day

Valldemossa, Mallorca's highest village, is a really popular destination on the tourist routes these days. Picturesque with plant bedecked cobbled streets, stone houses, spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and down the lush green valley to Palma, it's also graced by the monastery where Chopin and Sand spent a winter in Mallorca.

In fact it's such a popular destination that in the height of the tourist season in August it has around 5,500 visitors per day plus around 1100 actually staying in the village, giving it the highest tourist pressure in all Spain.

This tourist pressure is measured as a ratio of visitors to actual population of a place and Valldemossa comes out on top as it has 154 visitors for every 100 people who live there. To put this into perspective Palma has 94, Granada 11.7 and Barcelona just 11!

Obviously with thousands of people arriving by car every day, there's a strain on the roads into town and the car parks themselves which also cater for around 30 coaches which pull into Valldemossa each day in August.

Despite this the shop, cafe and restaurant owners are not complaining and in general, neither are the inhabitants of the town and the island itself. A recent survey showed that most Mallorcans admit that living on a bust tourist destination in summer could be a bit of a pain but was worth it for the prosperity and jobs it brings.

I have to stress here that this figures are all from the hottest busiest month of the year, August, and if you want to have Valldemossa and other picturesque towns and villages almost all to yourself, then don't go in high season.

My photo gallery showing virtually empty streets, squares and public places is taken from my holiday snaps in winter and spring when, in my opinion, Mallorca is at its loveliest.