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Light up Bellver Castle

Colour my castle

fake bellver castle lighting

Bellver Castle is having a million Euro makeover this year. A whole new lighting system to illuminate the castle will be installed which will serve two purposes – aesthetical and economical. New energy saving lights (and wiring) will replace the present obsolete system and will reduce running costs by 55% to 65%.

Aesthetically the new system will be less obtrusive as the lights and spotlights are smaller but give the same or better illumination though using much less power. The other feature will be immediately noticeable – the lights will not just be white but will have the ability to change colour!

As I said, the cost of the new project is just a 'shade' less than a million, because of the amount work needed. As you can imagine it isn't just a case of screwing a few Philips Hue lights in and saying 'Alexa, give my castle a disco ambiance.'

The project has so far involved and interdisciplinary team consisting of engineers, architects, historians, archaeologists, and conservation and restoration experts as well as the company Palma Lluc which is responsible for the illumination systems of the entire city.

The council have released a digital mock up of how the castle will look after the make over but have missed a trick by just showing the plain white version. I've used some advanced digital photo editing technology to give a few examples of how Bellver could look. Which do you prefer?