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Playa de Muro Baywatch

Drones to the rescue

rescue drone

The town hall at Muro will be using drones all this year as part of its security measures and team at the long, long beach at the Playa de Muro resort. After extensive and successful trials using the latest generation of drones on the beach last year the council has decided to bring them in full time this year.

They will be used to help the rescue services with a plethora of tasks – possible drownings, search, visualisation, coordination, supervision and first aid. What last year's trials demonstrated was that the drones have a much quicker response time, wider visualisation of high risk zones and therefore better search capabilities.

This weekend the council held a course in the use of rescue drones, putting them through their paces on the beach to demonstrate how the could be used in surveillance, prevention and action as well as displaying technical characteristics like autonomy, resistance to wind and corrosive environments, speeds, and recharges times etc.

The use of drones on the beach is yet another example of how technology can be used for the good of mankind and long may it continue. However, I have to say that if I was trapped on a sandbank and there was a race to rescue me by Pamela Anderson and a drone, I'd be cheering for Pammy to win!

Photo – General Drones SL