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Spain's top 100 restaurants

Mesón La Rueda

Just a reminder that seven of the best hundred restaurants in all Spain as recommended by users of the 'El Tenedor' (The Fork) restaurant booking and review site were located right here in Mallorca. In case you missed my last article about it, here they are; Ca n'Ignasi (Inca), Mesón La Rueda (Palma), Adrián Quetglas (Palma), Vandal Palma (Palma), S'Hort (Palma), La Vieja de Jonay Hernández (Palma) and Katagi Blau (Palma).

It's no secret that staff and owners of Mesón La Rueda in the Palma suburb of Genova were doing cartwheels when they heard the news. Established for years and nestled in the 'foothills' of Na Burguesa (the big hill with a statue on top which can be seen from Palma beyond Bellver Castle) the restaurant has built up a deserved reputation for its food and ambiance.

Despite its rather eclectic décor, somewhere between rustic Mallorca and the Peruvian Andes; earthy ochre walls, dark wood panels, bright hanging rugs, and stuffed full (could I say cluttered) of dried vegetables hanging from the walls and rafters, it has a homely, friendly feel.

You can dine inside, or on balmy summer nights, on the new terrace with views of the hills and choose from a fantastic selection of grilled meat and fish with platefuls of accompanying vegetables; peppers, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, all glistening with olive oil and flakes of sea salt.

Speciality of the house is the grilled skirt steak – number 23 on the menu, just look at the waitress's 'football' shirt in the photo above – which makes Mesón La Rueda 'unique.' This signature creation is lean veal marinated in salt for several days to prepare it for grilling which gives it unbelievable flavour which together with its presentation on a rustic food warmer with a ton of veg makes it just so appealing.

Take a look at their website and Facebook page and you'll see that it's tremendously popular with local folk and tourists alike and is a favourite with groups out celebrating. It's a little way out of Palma city centre, and for drivers it has its own car park, but for those of us who fancy a nice bottle of red with our steak or octopus, the number 46 bus from the centre of Palma stops near La Rueda.

Fast Facts

Mesón La Rueda, C/ Rector Vives, 5 y 11 · Génova, Palma


Tuesday to Saturday:

from 18.30 h. to 23 h.

Sunday and public holidays:

13.30 h. to 16 h. and from 19 h. to 23 h.

Closed on Monday

Tel.: +34 971 708 228