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Taxi fares up

First rise in seven years

taxi in palma

Taxi fairs in Palma are to rise - but not by much – after seven years frozen because of the economic crisis and in some cases negative inflation. Now the city council which controls taxi rates and licenses has agreed an increase with the 'professionals of the steering wheel' which will see slight increases across the board.

So what can you expect to pay for your trip by taxi in Palma? Obviously the basic cost of the journey depends on the number of kilometres travelled and in the day (7 to 21) the fare increases from 88 cents to 93 cents. At night, public holidays, and all weekend it remains at €1.10.

That's the basic, but there are various add ons;

there's a standard 'flag drop' charge to get in the taxi which increases from €2.10 to €2.15 day, and €2.45 to €2.50 night. Loading a bike or large piece of equipment that requires the seats dropping will cost €5 and if you're in a large group lucky enough to get one of the rare 7 seater taxis, there's a €1.10 surcharge for every extra passenger beyond the normal four people.

Taxis from the airport or port also make a surcharge of €4.40 per trip but beware, there's a minimum journey charge from the airport which can make short journeys seem super expensive. The minimum charge increases from €13 to €16 by day, and from €13 to €18 at other times.

You can obviously get a rough idea of how much your journey is going to cost using Google maps for the distance and a knowledge of nonlinear partial differential equations and a calculator to do the math!

For a group of four a taxi into Palma from the airport works out quite reasonably but if you're a lone traveller or a couple travelling light, there's a very good bus service which costs just €8 return to Palma on the number 1 or Arenal on the number 21.