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Across Palma – by bike

Two wheel city

Mallorca is undeniably popular with the Lycra clad two wheeler enthusiasts both professional and amateur. Team Sky were regularly headquartered here for winter training and some of the best cyclists in the world come here to take part in outdoor events with lung bursting climbs or in tactically challenging indoor meetings at the velodrome.

The amateurs arrive in enormous pelotons filling the roads of the north and east coasts or the twisting, turning, hairpin bending Sierra Tramuntana. However for most of us there are easier ways to see the island by bike and none more so than in the capital, Palma.

The city is a bike friendly haven with two main ways to tootle about on two wheels. The first is the Bicipalma short term bike hire scheme which is aimed at people who wish to get from A to B in a short journey, with A being one of the docking stations and B being another.

However, perhaps more convenient, administratively and practically is just hiring a bike for a day and touring the city to your heart's content. I've done it and it's really easy and convenient.

Palma being a bike friendly city, the council extol the virtues of cycling as 'quick, practical, healthy and environmentally friendly,' which we all knew anyway. What we didn't know is that Palma backs this up with 82 km of dedicated cycle lanes, 202 traffic lights just for bikes and 2879 proper parking places for cycles!

The bike lanes form a half web covering the city from west to east and fanning out to the north, though obviously not the south as this is the Mediterranean sea! You can cycle for hours, stopping whenever to take in the scenery and it really is pleasant, though if you're not a regular rider, you may need to invest in some bottom liniment to ease the effects of a day in the saddle!

You can see maps of all the bike parking stations and cycle lanes on the Official website and read further about my day cycling in Palma by clicking the links.