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Craft beer festival II

Bierkönig Centre

I'm trying not to get too excited about this but it's proving really difficult as next week, which can't come soon enough, there's a brilliant beer festival on in Playa de Palma. The giant Bierkönig Centre, which normally hosts rambunctious evening entertainment for young and young at heart German holidaymakers is the venue for Mallorca's Craft Beer Festival II.

Regular readers will know that Mallorca is home to a growing number of micro breweries producing artisan beers of all denominations and the good news is that a gaggle of them will be showing off their wares down at the Bierkönig Centre. Amongst them will be names like Beer Lovers, Forastera, Cas Cerveser, Toutatis and Cerveza Ralf, with Belgian beers, blondes, IPAs and more.

For lovers of lager, Bierkönig has launched its very own craft beer, its second, called Bierkönig Pils which can be enjoyed on site. If all that wasn't good enough, there'll be plenty of finger food available as chasers – who wants to be messing about with knives, forks and plates when there's beer to be sipped? - and lots of live music over the three days.

The dates for your diary are

Friday 15th March 18:00 – late

Saturday 16th March 12:00 - late

Sunday 17th March 12:00 – late

Bierkönig, Playa de Palma (c/ Pare Bartomeu Salvà, 6)

Just to show that I'm unbiased, I've used photos from the 5 micro breweries I've mentioned. Cheers!