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Historic galeon visits Palma

Nao Victoria

nao victoria

An exact replica of one of the most famous ships of the Spanish fleet visits Palma next month. It's the Nao Victoria, which between 1519 and 1522 went around the world in 1124 days under the command of Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Sebastián Elcano to make the first ever (allegedly) circumnavigation of the Earth!

It's a visit which marks the 500th anniversary of the start of the trip during which we get the chance to see how the circumnavigators lived on board. The replica was built in Spain in 1991after a long period of research into the original ship in which documentary sources, chronicles, nautical treaties from the 16th century and iconography of the era, allowed the accurate reproduction of the original ship’s main dimensions, spars, sails, and equipment.

So, once on board from 5th to 9th April we'll be able to walk its decks, soak up the details of its history and see how its crew lived below decks which was a bit cramped by modern standards. Built in Zarauz near Bilbao the ship's weight, measurement and cost were originally all given in the strange local terms used hundreds of years ago in the Basque country.

Originally used to carry cargo from the spice islands, the Victoria was pressed into service as part of the expedition to go round the world and was the only ship from the five which embarked to complete the journey. When it returned to Seville in 1522, just 18 crew of the 260 that had set off remained!

The story of the Victoria ends when it was lost at sea in 1570 when returning to Seville from the Antilles.

If you want to board the Victoria it'll be at the Club de Mar in the port and costs €5 for adults and €3 for kids and sounds like a fascinating visit.