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Mallorca Driving Tips

Sunday driver

calvaring in pollensa

Perhaps one of Mallorca's most famous historic monuments, the Calvary steps of Pollensa, was the scene of a rather embarrassing driving incident yesterday. The seemingly never ending stairway - it has 365 steps, one for each day of the year and is flanked by cypress trees and fourteen crosses – is the scene for a traditional procession at Easter.

However yesterday, the driver of a silver grey VW made an unfortunate wrong turn and found him or herself on the stairway to hell. Unable to move forward or backward for fear of damaging it on the steps, the car became a new and temporary tourist attraction and was featured on the local people's Facebook page, Som Pollença (photo)

The driver, who probably wished to remain anonymous, wasn't charged though the local police commented that they must have been very, very confused given all the warning signs about turning onto the steps. Local folk speculated that that it MUST have been a hire car, probably driven by Jeremy Clarkson, or perhaps a participant in the newly invented sport of Calvaring!

The steps themselves have an incredible history as they lead up to the first headquarters of the Knights Templar in the area. The Templars arrived with Jaume I in the Christian reconquest of Mallorca and dispensed justice courtesy of the gallows at the top of El Calvario.

These days, there aren't any public hangings, but every Good Friday, a solemn, silent procession of religious brotherhoods carries a statue of Christ all the way down the steps, lit dramatically only by flaming torchlight.

If you're in Mallorca at Easter try to get to Pollensa to see the procession. Oh, and leave your hire car on a car park somewhere.