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Mallorcan Eco Vermouth

Sweet, aromatic chardonnay.

Pere Calafat I Vich

It seems that the craze for Vermouth that took Spain by storm during the last few years has now reached foreign shores with Vermouth bars springing up in London and the likes. Exported, no doubt by the hundreds of visitors from far and wide that I saw enjoying draft craft 'vermut' in all colours and flavours in Madrid's Mercado de San Miguel when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

Well, the fashion for this very old fashioned drink is still going strong in Mallorca and one of our local producers has just introduced a new ecologically produced vermouth to the market. Called Vermut de Jaume de Puntiró it comes from the Jaume de Puntiró bodega in Santa Maria.

Bucking the trend just a little, joint bodega boss Pere Calafat I Vich (photo) has produced a sweet WHITE vermouth by using marinated herbs marinated in chardonnay which though sweet, has no sugar added, is organic and truly refreshing. Just the tipple with a nibble before lunch or dinner!

Though Jaume de Puntiró's HQ is in the Plaza Nueva of Santa Maria del Cami (where you can buy their products) they have vineyards all around the area where grapes have been grown since the Moorish occupation of the island before the Catalan reconquest in 1229. There, the flat lands of the fertile plain are protected from freezing winds by the distant Tramuntana mountains and the thin, stony soil is ideal for grape production.

Perhaps more importantly in this day and age is that all the wine and other products like vermouth made here follow artisanal hand crafted techniques from ancient traditions and methods of cultivation, elaboration and vintage which respect the environment and are in no way hostile to the soil, vines or product.

Though when it comes to wine I'm predominantly a dry guy, I do like a good sweet, herby dessert wine so I'd be willing to give this vermouth several opportunities to impress me. How about you?