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Mallorca's gold dust

Yellow pine pollen

pine pollen

Every year as the months and seasons change mother nature puts on some spectacular shows in Mallorca. In February the island takes on a pinky white hue as almond blossom covers the plains like beautiful snow. Now Mallorca is turning yellow as the pollen from what must be millions of pine trees is blown everywhere by the wind.

Apparently the weather conditions this year have provoked the production of more pollen than ever by the trees and it really is noticeable. Almost everything is covered by the fine yellow powder and huge yellow clouds can be seen blowing from the pine covered hillsides as the wind gusts. It really is quite a spectacular sight!

Our local newspaper the Diario de Mallorca published a short video of a vast swathe of pollen which appears to be hundreds of metres long floating in the sea at Cala Deia. Take a look at it, isn't it incredible?

Now there's no need to worry about any ill effects of the dust as it's one of the least virulent causers of allergies and hardly any people are actually allergic to it. On the other hand, for we men, it really does put hairs on your chest as apparently it increases testosterone levels! No wonder I'm shaving mythe palms of my hands these days.