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Historic Circus Mallorca Tour

Circ Històric Raluy

Roll up, roll up, because the greatest nostalgia show on earth is visiting Mallorca for an island wide tour in May. The Circ Històric Raluy, a circus formed in Barcelona decades ago and still featuring generations of the founding family will touch down in Mallorca on 13th May.

Now, this isn't just any old circus, it's a traditional old circus which has stayed true to the origins of the art with its performers, style, décor and philosophy but perhaps most importantly for the modern world we live in, it doesn't involve any wild animals!

Have a glimpse at our photo gallery and you'll see some of the performers; acrobats, illusionists, clowns, the ringmaster and so on - though no sign of the strongman with his leopard skin leotard – though what to me is most striking is the scenery. The big top itself is inspired by the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel and the performers' caravans, ticket office and splendid organ all hark back to the golden age of the circus.

Now, if like me, you've ever considered chucking in your humdrum job and lifestyle and running away to join the circus, now's our chance to live out our fantasy for a day or two. Amongst the beautiful old caravans of the Circ Històric Raluy is a specially kitted out vintage 1939 English caravan which serves as a hotel room just for people like us!

It looks vintage but has all mod cons and costs €200 a night for two people which also gets you free entrance to the performances, attendance at rehearsals, knowing the daily life of the artists, and participation in the reception of the public before each session. Unfortunately, due to lack of a contortionist, the second part of my circus fantasy would remain unfulfilled, but still worth it.

The locations for the performances still haven't been finalised, but if you wish to go, or book the caravan for a night or two, check into the circus' website - Circ Històric Raluy