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Port Adriano Music Festival 2019

Music on hot summer nights

the village people

You'll know by now that every summer, possibly Mallorca's coolest yacht harbour and certainly the only one designed by Philippe Starck, Port Adriano, puts on a music festival with global acts covering many genres of music.

In the past we've seen Kool and the Gang, Earth, Wind and Fire, Gloria Gaynor, George Benson, Sir Tom Jones, Jose Carreras, The Jacksons and UB40. This year there's another eclectic mix in the line up with performers from The States, Germany and Britain and it all kicks off on 27th July when Maceo Parker strides onto the stage.

Like the chicken and egg conundrum, it's unclear which came first, Maceo or Funk, but who cares as we're going to hear some of the funkiest sax riffs on the planet when the hippest 75 year-old in the world appears.

The next dates for your diary are;

1st August – God Save the Queen, one of the most renowned Queen tribute acts (they've been at it over 20 years) bring the songs of the band and flamboyant frontman Freddie Mercury to the port.

3rd August – The Village People, famous for their arm waving spelling and disco moves to hits like In the Navy and YMCA, bring their macho costumed act to the port. Look out for the biker, Red Indian, bank clerk, and construction worker as they strut their stuff!

9th August – Tony Hadley. Yes, the man who warbled his way through hits like Gold and True in the Spandau Ballet days, sang on Band Aid and appeared at Live Aid, will warble through them all again for us this evening!

10th August – The Les Humphries Singers. A new one on me, but I suspect I'm being duped in a Spinal Tap style by these German songsters who 'allegedly' were formed 50 years ago in Frankfurt and have sold 50 million records (probably in Frankfurt)

14th August – Nena. One of the most successful German artists of all time, she's sold over 25 million records and is of course known for her hit single about 40 years ago 99 Red Baloons.

You can buy tickets online in a plethora of prices from cheap to expensive depending on how VIP you'd like to be.