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Anyone for coffee?

Nordic Roastery

There may well be an awful lot of coffee in Brazil, but there's also quite a bit in down in Can Pastilla thanks to a young Swedish guy named Hampus. He's a professional cyclist who, 'thanks' to an injury which kept him away from the saddle, noticed a gap in the market for what he considered to be 'really good' coffee.

To cut a long story short (because there's one type of waffle I don't like) he opened Nordic Roastery, a place where he could roast high quality coffee by hand and on demand to provide individually tailored flavours for his customers.

With a strapline of 'special coffee just for you,' Nordic Roastery is a shop, a friendly cafe with a small terrace, and a meeting place for the cycling fraternity, being chock full of two wheeler memorabilia. In fact you can even hire high quality pro-standard cycles from Hampus, and because of his connections, find someone to train with!

But back to the important bit, the cafe. The coffee's good, and there's also plenty of Scandi style fillers on offer too. Swedish waffles (the type I do like) and Danish pastries go towards making brunch really good, and you can also get beers – themed to where the televised cycling is taking place – and gin and tonics with Nordic Mist of course.

So why not pop in for a coffee and discuss your favourite beans with Hampus who will roast up your perfect blend for you to take home. Find him and Nordic Roastery at

Carrer de Virgili 5, Can Pastilla

Open 8:30-10:00, and 13:00-19:00

Tel +34 696 550 676