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Lunch at the beach

Cap Falco chiringuito

In these days of high profile beach clubs jam packed with fashionista VIPs quaffing Jeroboams of Krug, eating oysters and imported wild strawberries whilst lounging on water beds it's nice to get back to basics in a nice beach bar with good, healthy food that won't damage your wallet.

Down in Calvia, just over 6 km from the rather notorious Magalluf but a world away, you can find the little Cap Falco chiringuito beach bar at the end of the sand on the small, finger like cove of Cala Falco.

You'd need a car to get there, and then it's a walk from the parking area down a long flight of steps to reach the bar. You could of course anchor in the crystal clear waters if you have a boat!

As you can see in our photo gallery, Cap Falco is in an idyllic spot, surrounded by pine trees giving dappled shade, with soft golden sand stretching down to the crystalline sea and bounded by rocky 'cliffs.' It's just the place you'd go for a relaxing day by the sea and some colourfully attractive food and drink throughout the day.

Popular with local people – a sure sign of quality and value for money – this little chiringuito is ideal for all ages and kids are welcome. They have special events throughout the year there – flower power parties and Oktoberfest – to name but two, and evenings in high summer when it's so pleasant to sit out have a 'chilled' sound and lightscape.

Fancy going? Click the link for when, where, and how to reserve. Cap Falco.