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Recycled cycles

Bicipalma grows and grows


Bicipalma the clean green cycle scheme just got greener courtesy of the Basque city of Bilbao. Just like Palma and many other cities around the world, Bilbao has a pool cycle scheme where registered users can borrow a bike for a short period of time to get around the city in an environmentally friendly way.

For some reason the Basques had 200 bikes which were surplus to requirements and donated them to Palma. So for the last few weeks Palma's Bicipalma bike technicians have been recycling cycles by stripping them down, making any necessary repairs and spraying them in the blue livery of the Mallorcan capital.

The eco-techies have managed to cobble together 175 'new' bikes, 100 of which will go onto the roads and 75 kept as substitutes for any injured bikes. The Basques also donated 31 bike anchor stations where the bikes can be parked between use though Palma council need to give the question about where to put them a couple of coats of thinking about before they are brought into use.

With these additional bikes, Bicipalma now has 500 two-wheelers available for use for short journeys across the city, which also has kilometres and kilometres of bike lanes, which are totally FREE for journeys under 30 minutes. Ideal, because I can't think of anywhere even I couldn't reach in Palma in under half and hour!

To use the scheme you just have to register, get your pin number to unlock the bikes, and get pedalling! Click on the link – Bicipalma.