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Alcudia beach disabled facilities

Almost autonomous

Alcudia beach disabled facilities

We often read about the advances being made to help disabled people enjoy some time at the beach like the rest of us and normally this involves not only special equipment but also staff to help out. Now, Alcudia has unveiled its new disabled facilities for the area of its long beach near the Ciudad Blanca neighbourhood which almost negates the need for qualified helpers.

The council has created an almost totally autonomous area by the beaches lifeguard module so that people with physical disabilities can park, access the beach and then the sea without needing external help!

New adapted disabled parking spaces have been located closer to the beach, new ramps to the pavements have been created and for blind people a tactile pavement has been installed so that they can feel their way along!

Access to the beach from the promenade is by 1.8 metre wide platforms and there are specially adapted bathrooms, showers, footbaths, the lifeguard rescue area, a shade station, a transfer lift to the sea, and sunloungers. In addition there are amphibious chairs for adults and children, amphibian crutches, and an information panel with the itinerary in visual format and in braille for the blind.

Isn't that great?

I've borrowed the photos you can see from the Salvament Aquàtic de les Illes Balears who coordinate the safety and lifesaving activities on Alcudia's beach for the town council.