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Arta Beer Festival 2019


The north eastern Mallorcan town of Arta is holding it's annual beer festival again this weekend when a grateful public can sample over 100 different beers from all around the world. A joint effort to promote the town by the local council and the 'Beer Patients Association,' there's much more than beer on offer.

Held in the lovely surroundings of the Na Batlesa cloistered courtyard right in the centre of Arta next to the theatre, there'll be a dozen or so beer taps pumping out the world's best liquid as well as bottles and bottles of beer of all shapes, sizes, varieties, colours, flavours and denominations including the ultra rare 0% drivers' version.

As you can see from the video of last year's shindig, it's a civilised affair with much merry making, music, swing dancing, and for the purist, beard stroking and glass sniffing. I was asked to come up with a one word description of the festival but could only come up with this one, which I think encapsulates it perfectly -


If that has motivated you to go along, you'll need to know that it starts at 18:30 on Friday 14th June when the towels come off the pumps and then again from 11:00 on Saturday 15th June up until midnight!

Now, in the modern digital age, you can download the official app for the festival which not only gives the timetable of all the events at the festy, but also a complete list of all the beers which can be matched to your preferences to give you the perfect drinking list on the day!

Download the app here