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Baroque at Bellver

Händel at the castle

studium aureum at bellver castle

Palma has some great theatres and concert venues like the Auditorium, the Teatro Principal, the Son Fusteret pop up show ground but for atmosphere, history and wonderful setting I don't think that Bellver Castle can be beaten.

Musical performances of all descriptions are held in the castle's central Arms Patio, a large cylindrical open air space with upper and lower cloisters marked by beautiful stone arches.

It's the perfect spot to sit under the stars, admire the architecture, and listen to some fantastic music as it is said that the acoustics of the patio are perfect.

Coming up next week is a classical performance by the soloists, choir, and orchestra of the Studium Aureum using the instruments of the period. And what an epoch it was, for the concert features the music of Georg Friedrich Händel who has come to epitomise the Baroque era of music.

Händel was born a German but arrived in Britain when the country became short of royalty and had to start importing its kings from Germany. His glittering career included composing the music for King George II's coronation – Zadok the Priest – which has been played at every British coronation since, and Händel was rewarded with a state funeral and burial at Westminster Abbey.

If you'd like to hear an almost heavenly choir and swirling violins playing Händel's works like Dixit Dominus, Gloria, and Concerto Grosso, the date for your diary is 20th June at 21:30 and tickets can be bought up to an hour before the performance at the castle itself – price €37.