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Formentor car free again

Shuttle bus service

parking and bus map

The scheme to stop traffic on the long and winding road to the spectacular viewing point of the Formentor Lighthouse from the Port of Pollensa has recently been resumed for the summer season.

The aim of the no cars scheme is to conserve one of the most iconic spaces of the Sierra Tramuntana, a World Heritage Site, and last year the flow of traffic was reduced by 90% from 300 to 20 vehicles per hour.

Certainly one of the prime benefits of the scheme was to make visits to the lighthouse sustainable, safe, peaceful and a unique experience for visitors!

So, what's the info on the scheme in 2019?

It lasts from 15 June to 15 September 2019 from 10 am to 7 pm on 11 km of the Ma 2210 from Km 9.7 to Km 19.6 and all private vehicles (cars, motorbikes and lorries) are banned. Only public transport buses, emergency vehicles and one or two others are allowed through. If you drive without authorisation, an number plate detector will clock you and a fine will be issued!

So, if you want to go, you can walk, cycle, or take the shuttle bus from the Port of Pollensa where there are free car parks for you near to the bus stops which you can see on the map.

Click here for the bus timetable and fares