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High-tech highway patrol

The eyes in the sky

dgt drone

Watch out speeding motorists and any other drivers committing infractions like not belting up or gabbing on the phone because the cops have got their beady eyes on you – from afar! The Guardia Civil traffic police are using high-tech methods to spy on wrongdoers this year and you won't know anything about it until a big fat fine drops through your letterbox!

The Mallorcan cops have substituted the use of a helicopter by a drone this summer and it's a win-win situation for everyone except naughty motorists. The old chopper was expensive and easily visible to drivers who immediately took their feet off the gas as soon as they saw it.

Now these little 'stealth' drones can observe away from a great height without ever being detected. They're obviously a lot cheaper to run than a chopper and require only two operatives from the Guardia Civil, one to 'drive' it and another to observe on a tablet type screen and record any infractions to the hard drive for use as evidence.

Incredibly, the drones can be controlled from up to 10 kms distant and if necessary can, just like a guided missile, fix on an object and follow it, recording all the while! So, the advice from me, would be to drive carefully and you'll never be caught on candid camera.

However, remember that speeding fines have a 50% discount if you pay them quickly via the website (in English and Spanish) though the more you are over the limit the higher the fine and the possible penalty points applied to your license.

Let's be careful out there!