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Mallorca Gin Festival

A tonic for gin lovers

mallorcan tonic water

Gin certainly seems to be the premium drink of choice in many European countries at the moment with new names, flavours, concoctions being added to the vast list of gins available every day.

This month in Palma, the Mallorca Gin Festival II takes place at the end of the month at the city's Pueblo Español 'Spanish village' tourist attraction on 28th June. This is the venue where you can take a whirlwind tour of Spain via some of its replica iconic buildings constructed in the Pueblo in the 60's!

The gin fest aims to showcase 18 premium gins, about a dozen national and international, and the rest from Mallorca, courtesy of the mixological skills of Italian bartenders Max la Rocca y Roberto Alori of 'Made in Cocktails.' Gins on offer include Iron Balls of Bangkok, the Catalan GinRaw, Italy's Sabatini Gin, and from Mallorca Can Vidalet, Mercant, Palma Gin, Cabraboc and Suau.

The main organiser of the event is the British soft drinks and mixers company Franklin and Sons who have just released a new mixer – Mallorcan Tonic Water, a zesty drink combines lemon, lime and grapefruit with rosemary, thyme and cinchona bark extract. It's ingredients come from the orange tree valleys on by the west coast of the island and its flavour is said to pair well with citrus gins and add “depth” to sweeter spirits.

Why not give it a try at the Mallorca Gin Festival where you can pay on the day from 16:00 to midnight and get two G&T's for just €15 with your entrance ticket, and eats will be available in several food trucks.