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Mallorca's natural beauty

Finca es Canons

Finca Es Canons - Betlem from Flycam Media on Vimeo.

The Mallorcan tourist authorities regularly bring groups of foreign journalists to the island to report back to their home countries about the various aspects that make Mallorca such a great holiday destination. The journos are given guided tours of the many places here which are perfect for sun, sea, and sand, golf, gastronomy, and relevant to today's article, cycling and hiking.

A group of German journalists were invited to sample the cycling routes, facilities, hotels, and so on and one beautiful place they visited was the Finca es Canons. The finca (large piece of land) was purchased by the Island Authorities for €8 million a couple of years ago with the aim of adding its 1.8 hectares to the existing Natural Park of the Levant.

This beautiful public space is situated between the tiny 'resort' of Colonia de Sant Pere and the little hamlet of Betlem on the east cost of the Bay of Alcudia near to Arta. It's an area of outstanding natural beauty hemmed in by the crystal clear blue seas of the bay and the verdant hills behind.

The rocky coast provides occasional bathing spots in small coves and is criss-crossed by paths for walking and cycling and it's envisaged that it will form part of the GR-222 hiking trail from Arta to Lluc. An interesting place to look out for is an old sandstone quarry, the Banyera dels Ermitans (photo courtesy of Olaf Tausch), where rocks were hewn out from the coast and where after high seas crystal clear pools form like refreshing swimming pools, perfect for a dip along the way.

At night the the inky blackness and lack of light pollution make it a perfect viewing spot for the galaxies of stars in the skies, the planes circling to land at the airport, and some of the most amazing sunsets as the sun goes down behind the Sierra Tramuntana mountains way across the bay.

If you're wondering about its name, it dates back to the civil war when there was an artillery battery situated in the rocks given the finca's strategic position to protect the bay from air attacks.

So, if you fancy some quiet time convening with nature, go and spend a while at the Finca es Canons.