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Spudstock 2019

Sa Pobla potato night

sa pobla plaza

The chips are down and the Frenches are fried as it's that wonderful weekend when Sa Pobla puts on a show featuring nothing but its most famous product – the humble potato!

Well actually that's not correct as what's happening is a gastro-fest which features lots and lots of dishes which somehow have a potato in one of its many incarnations in them. As well as food, there's craft beer, wine, and lots of other beverages to enhance the pleasure given by the humble spud and live music to dance and eat to. I do hope the band plays the monster mash.

It's all happening this Friday and Saturday evening from 19:30 when the lovely little main square of Sa Pobla will be filled with stalls selling tons of tapas at low prices – from €1.50 to €4.00 – made by the local bars, restaurants and food trucks.

You can download a map and menu board in three languages and marvel at all the dishes in which they've managed to place a potato from pizza to ice cream though astonishingly, there's not one dish that contains a potato in its purest form as God intended – raw and unpeeled! Probably just as well....

Anyway, why not pop in to Sa Pobla if you're in the area and try some of the local gastronomy?