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Efoil Mallorca flying surfboard

Surfing without waves

ibizafoils from Ibiza Spotlight on Vimeo.

Fresh in Mallorca via those bastions of bling and ostentatious spending, Dubai and Ibiza, comes a new adrenalin pumping activity that doesn't require enormous amounts of strength or energy. It's the Efoil, an electrically powered surfboard that can fly hydrofoil style above the water and doesn't require waves to actually surf!

Believe it or not the Efoil is a Californian invention with the boards costing around €12,000. It's a basic 5.4 feet surf board with a compartment in the deck for a battery which powers it along for up to 90 minutes. Attached to the board is an 80 cm foil which gives it not only stability, but also the ability to rise above the waves at speeds of up to 25 knots. The speed and manoeuvring of the board are controlled by a bluetooth enabled gizmo attached to the rider's wrist.

The two young guys who've brought the Efoils to Mallorca, Xavier Alemany and Dean Seton, reckon that the only skills required to ride the boards are balance and swimming. They say that anybody can master the art of Efoiling within an hour and they give lessons to riders through special waterproof earphones.

Now, you probably won't be surprised to hear, that along with other water 'toys' the Efoil is pretty expensive to hire. Sit down; it's €499 per hour! Needless to say the lads' marketing thrust is aimed at jet-setters holidaying on luxury yachts - of which there are many in Mallorca - as another accessory to complement the jet-skis, water skis, and so on.

I think the video my Ibiza Spotlight colleagues shot pretty well confirms the aspirational values of the Efoil – exciting, wealthy lifestyle, topless birds, multi-million dollar yachts, and endless leisure. Personally, I'm sick of it. If only I could go back to working shifts in a dark Satanic cream cracker factory..............

Fancy speeding above the waves on a flying surfboard? Then check into the Efoil Mallorca website for the details of how much, when and where, as it really does look like it's great fun.

I wonder if it works with Alexa?