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Spain's safest beach?

Playa de Muro

playa de muro

The super long sweep of sand known as Playa de Muro along Mallorca's Bay of Alcudia has already been voted as Spain's best beach on a couple of occasions by the many users of TripAdvisor. Now it could well win the award (if it existed) as Spain's safest beach thanks to the efforts of the local Muro Council.

In fact, the safety and security measures which have been implemented over the years by the council are now used as a bench mark example to follow by beach safety technicians around the world, particularly in the Caribbean.

The Muro safety team spend around €400,000 each year in not only keeping the beach safe, but continually improving services and programmes to keep it top of the safety league. It's a big ol' beach, around 5 kilometres in length, so the council think of it as five beaches which enables a better coordination of plans for these smaller 'strategic' areas.

Muro's security operation swings into action from May to October when 13 lifeguards man the towers on the sand and another two staff reinforce the efforts in the July and August busy season. For easy identification of the location of any incidents on the beach, markers have been placed every 50 metres so that lifeguards can easily reach them.

As well as these markers, the nine watchtowers along the beach have all been painted, each in a different colour, so that anyone in distress only has to say 'I'm just by the sky blue pink with yellow dots watchtower' and someone will be there in no time at all!

In the sea, Muro's technicians have made detailed studies of the prevailing currents and have strategically placed floats for tired swimmers who need a rest, or in worse scenarios have a 200 metre long rope on a reel to tow swimmers back to the beach.

Once there, anyone can be treated at the control and rescue centre, where a nurse is on duty, and if necessary transferred to hospital by the dedicated ambulance service! Beach users can also check with the aid of a special face scanner, the levels of sun radiation and what protection should be used.

Further plans for the beach include the use of drones to patrol the beach and sea, and the re-establishment of the aquatic police unit which provides an amphibious patrol to coordinate with land forces and reach anyone in difficulties in rapid time.

How about that then? That's a lot of investment in beach safety. Well done to Muro council.