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Torrent de Pareis Concert

Classics in the canyon

Capella Mallorquina

This Sunday, 7th July, at 17:30 the 56th annual concert in the spectacular Torrent de Pareis takes place. It's a once a year shindig organised by Fundació Sa Nostra with the collaboration of Bankia and it's totally free.

On Sunday there'll be no less than 70 musicians and singers on stage when the Capella Mallorquina and the Quinteto Johannes Palaschko take to the rocks.

They'll be performing 17 classical compositions from the likes of Schubert, Vivaldi, Piazzola, Verdi, Chopin which will make a wonderful evening and to give it the perfect ending, they'll finish with a bit of the old Ludwig Van.... a rousing chorus of Beethoven's Ode to Joy!

OK, so this sounds like any other classical concert, but very few have the incredible, almost other-worldly surroundings of this immense canyon with towering rocks erupting from the sea bed and ground. Used as a location for the fantasy film The Golden Voyage of Sinbad it's an incredible place to visit and is only accessible from the sea or via the twistiest-turniest road on Mallorca, the Sa Calobra descent.

On Sunday, concert goers (there's usually about 4,000 of them) can use the car park for free and there'll be extra boats on from Puerto de Soller to get them there, and these will start to return about 20 minutes after the concert ends.

It's a casual affair with friends and families taking chairs, blankets, picnics and drinks to sit and enjoy the music – a bit like Glyndebourne, but without the grass, bow-ties and £75 admission charge! Go if you can.