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Trenc beach parking open

Park and ride

es trenc car park

The enormous 497 place car park constructed by the authorities for beach users at Es Trenc is now open. Campos council will be running the car park for the next four years and will use some of the revenue to keep the beach and surrounding area – it is a natural park – clean, tidy and environmentally sound.

The car park is a little distant from the beach and two methods are available to reach it; by shuttle bus every 20 minutes, or walking. A special pathway has been made from the parking area to the beach which will limit any environmental damage from pedestrians.

So far so good, but I can hear you say how much is it? Well, parking is €1 per hour with a maximum charge of €5 for anything more than five hours. The footpath to the beach is 1.4 km long which could be hard going in the height of the summer with the sun blazing down – I'm already having visions of Foreign Legion films for the trek back from the beach after a hard day's sunbathing! If you want to use the shuttle bus the fare is €1.50 per person each way with discounts for kids and pensioners.

I personally can't decide whether this is good value or not. What do you think? Judging by the photo of the car park, we won't have to worry about getting back to a freezing cold car after a day at the beach.