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Deliveroo Ahoy!

Really fast food

deliveroo jet ski

The last few times I've been back in Manchester I've noticed throngs of dripping wet cyclists with gigantic cube backpacks standing in the drizzle (or liquid sunshine as it's called there) outside restaurants waiting to pick up take-away food orders.

Hard work though it must be being a Deliveroo rider in cold, damp climates, the task is not so onerous in sunnier parts of the world like Palma. Some lucky Deliveroo riders have the pleasant job description of jet ski drivers!

Yep, take-away fast food has just got even faster as Deliveroo have now introduced their service to yachts and cruisers anchored in the Bay of Palma. The food still comes in the same trademark back-pack, but in a 'muy rapido' style.

Palma becomes the 17th Spanish coastal city to get the jet powered service and it's all thanks to gps technology in the Deliveroo app. It enables the riders to locate the vessel in the bay with ease, thus ensuring the food arrives piping hot (though obviously not in the case of sushi!)

I've no idea of the cost of the service, though I imagine that if I had the cash to charter a giant cruiser, a few extra Euros wouldn't be a deal breaker. Interested? Have a look at the fayre available on Deliveroo's Palma page, which is pretty standard fast food offerings.